So what is the story today?

DSC01961Does every picture need to tell a story?


Does it add something to a picture if it does?


Maybe it is not so much telling a story as evoking an emotion.

Currently the theme of the month for Leah Piken Kolidas’ Creative Every Day Challenge is stories.  I find that it has really helped my selection of subject matter when I ask myself, “what is the story that this item tells?”

I have always thought that food has been used to so many still life works of art is because it is readily available. In thinking of today’s picture in terms of the story, I found myself thinking of so many stories. Food is such a part of our lives, that there are so many memories associated with it.  

Most everything has a story, it is just a matter of putting it into a context that others can see the story.  The basket of tomatoes would tell a very different story, if there was a bunch of cilantro, and a pepper or two instead of the oil and vinegar.

I added the bottles, not for story but because they made a better background design wise.  I think they did add to design, but their addition to the story of the image is what made the picture.


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