DSC01921I was talking tonight with the friend who inspired me to start taking the picture a day.  She showed me one of her photos, which is very good.  Extremely good when you consider that she managed to get a very nice focus blur from the built in lens of the camera, rather than using a different lens to affect the depth of field.

She made the comment that most of her photos were very different than mine.  I have been doing this for years, and have taken any number of classes, both in photography and design.

I also pointed out the difference in the equipment, and the fact that I generally take a number of pictures to get the one shot.

Today’s photo is one of those rare got it best in the first shot. I set up the picture and then dropped the gloves and handkerchief in front of it. I then took the first shot on full auto to see what the camera thought was a good starting point.  I then proceeded to try various focus points and layouts, with different settings. Not one of them was half as nice as this shot.


Sometimes you can over think the process, which is what I did today.  Sometimes you just need to relax and take the shot without thinking about it at all.


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