WatchingRecently I have started trying to take a picture everyday.  A quick search on flickr will turn up any number of people doing the exact same thing. I found my self quickly lumping these collections into two categories.  Those who have taken a photo everyday, and those who have posted a photo each day.  There is something to be said for either method. 

I am not sure I will keep this up for a year, so I decided that I would commit to trying it for a week.  A friend who is trying it, commented that she was already running out of things to photograph. My problem runs the other way, which one thing should I photograph today.

What this exercise is teaching me is that the first part of the problem is learning to see something to photograph.

This morning a glint of light off a ceramic pot caught my eye, and the way the light was hitting the plant.  I pulled out my camera and got down on the floor to try and capture it.  But when I focused the camera, I noticed that the leaves of the plant were dusty, and had some spots that flaws, and the light has changed, instead of playing off the leaves, a cloud had given it a flatter effect, not the dappled light that I wanted to catch.  My cat was watching me as she found it off that I was now flat on the floor under the dining room table.

DSC01821She seemed intent on figuring out what it was about that plant that had my attention.  I decided that she made a better subject for the photo, so I shifted my focus and caught her study of the plant. 

I am also learning how the camera sees things differently that me.  The view finder gives me a good idea of what the image will look like, but as the camera works differently than my eye, there will always be differences.


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