Rennata M. Tropeano & Unknown Photographer, Sweet Dreams, Digital Collage 8×10 inches ©2010.  I like the challenge of producing new art to fit various themes, but it can leave you with a piece of art that otherwise would not be produced.  For this Digital Collage, I used a childhood photo with a digital ATC(Candy Art), that I created in response to a monthly theme contest.  I am uncertain as to who actually took the photograph, It was either one of my parents or grandparents.

While I have called this image sweet dreams, it is an exploration of hopes and dreams.  I remember thinking of birthdays as bringing a whole new year that I did not know what to expect.  They seemed to me to be more of an event to change the year than New Years. When I made the image of Candy Art, I wrapped several of my favorite pieces of digital art work around 3D candy shapes, making the art the treats.  For me, my art is about catching the childlike sense of wonder of something, the beauty, the feelings that make hopes and dreams seem tangible and real. Sweet Dreams