Shiny and New

After much fighting with the new blogging software, I decided to delete it. I apologize Shiny for the break in the blog, But I got caught up in trying to make some software that was supposed to make my life simpler bog me down and side track me.  I am very happy with the Window’s Live Writer program, even though it does not slice, dice or make julienne fries.

I have been enjoying making ATCs. That is Artist Trading Cards. This one is for the weekly challenge Steph’s Stuff. This weeks theme is  “Jewels/Jewelry/Gems”. More on the

history of ATCs can be found here

We are going to be starting a monthly ATC trading card swap at the Gallery 24 @ Creative Corner. I will be holding a series of classes for those who want to learn about this fun and versatile art form.

This card  is a mixed media collage of catalog images of rhinestone,  colored pencil and marker  topped off with real rhinestones. 

Rennata M. Tropeano, Shiny, Mixed Media 2.5×3.5 inches ©2010


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