Leah Piken Kolidas wrote on her blog about choosing a theme word for the year. She gave a link to  Christine Kane’s blog  and a  free download about choosing a theme word for the year. Leah chose flow, which is great choice.

I started thinking of different words such as balance and rhythm, routine, and of course Unique.  Balance and rhythm  seemed only a part of what I was looking for. Routine was way too prickly and cold of a word. Unique is a special word for me, as I think of my own journey as the process of growing unique, but it somehow seemed wrong to use  part of my blog title.  So I headed over to the and then went to thesaurus.reference.com and dictionary.com, I followed links of likely sounding words until I hit upon essential.

I love that word from the quote

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery From The Little Prince.

While I was checking the rest of the choices to make sure that was the proper word, I found “Quintessential” and I knew I had found my word.

This picture struck me as being the perfect one to use for the quote in that it has air- the sky, Fire- the sun, the earth and the water are obvious, the mist would be the ether.   It is a powerful picture for me because even though you can not seem them, my family is part of the making of this shot. (balancing family, work and art is why I thought of balance) The ocean is the ultimate teacher of rhythm and flow, so it adds to it all.

Of all the pictures I took of the ocean, this one is the one that spoke to me. It is the beauty of low tide, a period of ebb along with the promise of the dawn and the coming day.  It was to me, “Quintessential”.


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