Resolutions and other such rubbish

It is that time of year, when we start looking ahead to next year.  I had two almost complete strangers ask me if I had made my New Years resolutions yet. One of them confided to me that they had resolved to loose The View thirty pounds. She had a grocery cart full of all the stuff she was going to be unable to eat after New Years. Cupcakes,  Cookies, Chips, dips and other goodies. The part of me that still wants all that wheaty goodness, wanted to run and get the same for myself.  (I have recently been diagnosed as having a wheat allergy.) 

I hope she succeeds, but it occurred to me, that her habit was clearly to eat all these things and rather than setting new habits, she was indulging the old habits.   I have been busy finding new substitutes for all the wheat things that I feel I will not be able to live without, and it had made it easier.

Yesterday I noted that the only one of habits that I had been trying to cultivate, was that of creating every day.  That one has become a routine, as regular as brushing my teeth.  I need routines, rather than resolutions.

So as I get ready for this new year, I will be thinking about the routines that I need to set up to accomplish my goals for this coming year.


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