Digital Blends

Last week  I said I would be posting pictures of some mixed media projects that I was working on.  I clearly have not. The Holidays have made me a little lax in spending time in the studio working on things, or photographing them for the blog.

The only one of my habits that I have hung onto is that of creating daily.  This time of year has everyone thinking of Resolutions and New Years goals and plans. I am going to go more into that tomorrow, but for today I wanted to share some recycled images.

The theme for the month on the Create Every Day Challenge is recycling.  A lot of what I do is on the computer, so my first thought was how do I recycle pixels? Today while I was sorting the pictures I took on my day of play, I found several images that   was not quite happy with, but  I just could not delete them.  I tend to take a lot of pictures, and to keep everyone would require an epic amount of storage space.

DSC01571 DSC01611 DSC02630

All three almost went into the recycle bin, but something about them made me keep them.

Through the magic of photoshop, I was able to collage them as a series of layers.

the dance

The end result made me very glad that I choose not to “recycle”.


2 thoughts on “Digital Blends

    1. Thank you. The more I play with the digital collage, the more I feel I know what needs to go and what needs to be kept, Sorting photos has really become a process of sorting them into art, possible future art, snapshots and trash.

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