Merry Chrisrmas

Merry Christmas.
Today is one of those days that can either be a special one or one that we come to dread. For those who celebrate a different holiday, the same would hold for your day. This day is what we chose to make of it with our actions.
Last night a cousin and I were discussing some of the things that could be done to make the evening less painful. The making of the after dinner coffee has always been one of “those” events. This year we just went and bought a box ofj Joe from the local dunkin donuts. A complete coffee service for 10 in a box, plus cups of decaf for those who prefer the unleaded. It was such a simple thing, but it had such a profound impact. Everyone was able to sit with thier coffee and desert all at once, without all the drama that can happen with an ancient too small coffee maker and a large croud at the end of an elaborate meal. We chose to make it simple, and as such we created a new happy memory. In all the hustle and bustle and expectations of this day, It is easy to lose track of what why we are doing what we do. I am celebrating the birth of a small baby in a stable long ago. Others celebrate the miracle of the oil in the Temple, or the shortest day of the year, but whatever we celebrate, it is important to remember that we are creating a memory and that with our actions we can create a thing of beauty. I wish all the best of memories in this holiday season.


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