We had our first small art auction at the gallery. It was part of the lamplight stroll of our City’s Dickens Days.

The stroll was a success, despite a spitting rain that eventually turned to snow.  We had lots of visitors which is always a goal in running a gallery. 

The auction was fairly small, and we learned a few things about running an auction and exhibition, which we will certainly put into place before our next exhibit.  The most common comment was “I wish I had know about this, I would have entered something”  I learned to ask about where they would look for such information. Some of the answers surprised me. I never thought about the banks bulletin boards. A much longer lead time for the exhibit or auction.

I learned a lot from watching the visitors to the gallery. While this might not be true of every gallery, it was true of our.  People read Artist Statements, and they read information about the art.  I plan to add more reading material to my display.   Repeat visitors want to see new art, or at least a new arrangement of the art.

I could tell who were repeat visitors were, sometimes by recognizing them, but mostly by the fact that they only looked at the areas where the display had changed. 

It was a busy day all and all.  I wish that I had taken the time to take a picture of us in our Victorian costumes, because I would love to post it here.