The Eyes Have it.

Eyes009  1130092249

Sometimes I am reminded why I have a studio, and what I loved about working at home.

More later… Which means I ran out of time this morning, so I am posting quickly so I can write more on it later while on the road.

It is later now.  My daughters asked me how you get eyes to match, They were less excited to hear the answer of practice. Somehow that always seem like an unfun sounding answer. 

  I started to sketch eyes from a magazine. Starting at the first person and then going to the next. 

They were quick to show me the anime type eyes they were trying to draw.  Anime is a type of Japanese cartooning.  The same theory still applies,    take a book of Anime and draw the eyes, practicing untill you are happy with the result.  Do not struggle over one, but do it quickly, look at it . Then make any quick corrections and go on to the next. 

It quickly turned into a shared effort, I would draw one, they would draw one and so on. The hand in the picture is my daughters. Even our cat wanted to join in on the fun on the page. It make what could have been a fairly boring exercise a lot of fun.   Today I will go back and see how many of the eyes I can match to the pictures from which I drew them.


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