Victorian Hairpin Yesterday was a busy day mentally.  I did manage to squeeze in making a Victorian hair pin and a couple of Victorian styled  barrettes. These were for my upcoming Victorian Hats and Hair Accessories Class.

I was gathering information for class notes, putting together a schedule of upcoming events to hand out, and thinking over the last month. A then a visitor dropped into the gallery. She had seen my gallery artist’s page with a link to where my blog is listed on Amazon for their Kindle reader.(Rennata Tropeano) She pointed out that Rennata Tropeano by Rennata Tropeano sounded a but full of myself, and she knew that I was not like that.  I found myself in search of a new Title.  I went to some random title generators to get the ideas flowing. I loved the one that popped up that I used for today’s blog title, but it would not fit the blog as a whole.  I decided upon:

Growing Unique- an Artist’s Journey.

That is the recent alteration.  On the topic of Future Illusionary Arts, I find that many people take a challenge like AEDM or Nanowrimo and define their progress in terms of fail or succeed.

I find that to be too much of the critic speaking.  When it comes to a creative venture such as these the only failure is the failure to start.  If you have started and attempted then you have succeeded.   While I am not going to “win” NaNoWriMo this year,  I kept a steady progress while creating and preparing a gallery for the Christmas shopping season.  I personally count that as a sucess, not a failure.

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