Future Illusionary Arts and Recent Alteration

Victorian Hairpin Yesterday was a busy day mentally.  I did manage to squeeze in making a Victorian hair pin and a couple of Victorian styled  barrettes. These were for my upcoming Victorian Hats and Hair Accessories Class.

I was gathering information for class notes, putting together a schedule of upcoming events to hand out, and thinking over the last month. A then a visitor dropped into the gallery. She had seen my gallery artist’s page with a link to where my blog is listed on Amazon for their Kindle reader.(Rennata Tropeano) She pointed out that Rennata Tropeano by Rennata Tropeano sounded a but full of myself, and she knew that I was not like that.  I found myself in search of a new Title.  I went to some random title generators to get the ideas flowing. I loved the one that popped up that I used for today’s blog title, but it would not fit the blog as a whole.  I decided upon:

Growing Unique- an Artist’s Journey.

That is the recent alteration.  On the topic of Future Illusionary Arts, I find that many people take a challenge like AEDM or Nanowrimo and define their progress in terms of fail or succeed.

I find that to be too much of the critic speaking.  When it comes to a creative venture such as these the only failure is the failure to start.  If you have started and attempted then you have succeeded.   While I am not going to “win” NaNoWriMo this year,  I kept a steady progress while creating and preparing a gallery for the Christmas shopping season.  I personally count that as a sucess, not a failure.

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7 thoughts on “Future Illusionary Arts and Recent Alteration

  1. Your victorian class sounds so interesting. I like the title you have settled on. In the start of AEDM I think I was defining each thing I did as a success or failure or maybe in terms of bad or good. However, this month has been great in leading me to know that that is not how to look at the things I create. I have loved this month and the risks I have taken and the new things I have seen.

    1. This sounds like a complete win to me. When I find myself calling something a failure, I look to see what lesson it is trying to teach me. Why or how did it go wrong so I can do it differently the next time. This makes a fail into a win.

      Best Wishes.

  2. Brava, brava!! See me standing and applauding!

    Yes, Yes, Yes! I am so grateful I have come to know you through Art Every Day Month and look forward to following you further on Your Unique Rennata Journey!

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