Black Friday

 black FridayOne of my favorite creative resources is Second Life.  It is an online 3D virtual world. I am part of a creative community in an area called Wind River Territories. It is a group of Writers, Artists and generally all round creative people.  New York Times Best Selling author  Mike A. Stackpole holds office hours at which you can ask him questions about writing and how he markets his work.  There are thousands of online virtual Art Galleries from all around the world.

There are a lot of Colleges and Universities that offer lectures on various topics.  I have been to listen to lectures being given in London, Australia, and Arizona all in one day. 

I find it is an excellent place to explore other lives.  I had always wanted to work in an Art Gallery, so I created one in Second Life.  I got a lot of positive feed back and encouragement. It gave me the courage to make the leap and now am part of a cooperative Art Gallery.

One of those other lives that I get to explore is that of a fashion designer.  I always loved the idea of taking one of my pieces of artwork and making it into a grand dress.  In Second Life I can, as you can see this is the dress I made from my work entitled “Juxtaposition”.   Although I enjoy it, I do not think I will be become a fashion designer, the dance costumes I make are close enough to that for me.

 Mira Caerndow is the name of my Second Life Avatar. 


9 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Hi Rennata!
    I really appreciate your comments about my portraits, it’s very encouraging and heart-warming, that my work is pleasing. So I see you do have many names 😀
    This Second Life site sounds like fun, a way to make your creative dreams come true, virtually that is.
    Thanks again,

    1. Julie,
      I have a wonderful time there. I will warn you, I know some people who find it adictive, they would rather live the fantasy. Like many other social media it can be a time sink, but I find that if I keep it in perspective, it can be a marvelous tool. I hope this helps.


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