Sometimes it is the little things

1120092243 Today I was playing around with a box frame for one of my small artworks.

It is an artist’s trading card that will be set into a small wooden box frame.  While I know that the AEDM challenge is to create every day, not finish an entire project every day, I have found that the small things are fitting well into a busy holiday season.  I am also getting ready a class on calling cards to help prepare for the up coming Dickens’ Days in our town.   Part of the idea behind the calling cards is to help develop a community, letting the shop owner see who has visited, and to encourage us to support each other by visiting their businesses, social group or organization.  If I as a business owner receive 10 calling cards that all show that the visitor was from the local Buggy Club,  It will make me more likely to put an add in the Buggy News letter. We ran short of time, so we are going to introduce it this year, and work on it next year.

Thinking about how the whole concept of calling on others has gone somewhat out of fashion, it occurred to me that it is alive and well in the blogging world.  I have “met” so many wonderful people who have come and visited my blog. They left their “calling card” in the form of a comment. This small social courtesy is what makes blogging so rewarding for me.   Take care, I am off to call on some of my favorite blogs.


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