The Business Side of Art

There are times when creativity needs to take a more practical side. The press to get all the holiday announcements and fliers out meant that yesterday my creativity was limited to the Business side of Art.    I am very surprised by the number of Artists who sit back and take the view point of I created it, now they will come.  Or in terms of our Gallery, we built it they will come.

I am not an expert in this, but I do recognize that it is important that I promote my own work, myself and my gallery if I want them to suceed.  Connecting with other Artists, and organisations is an important part of that.

I am very happy to be working with Westfield’s Business Improvement District, I am also a part of Vallery Art Share. I am thrilled with the wonderful artists that I have come in contact with through Leah Piken Kolidas’ Art Every Day Month.  The Small Art Show that today’s art  is from supports Westfield Arts on the Green a 501(c) that promotes Arts, Artists and Performers in our local community.  This show is set up as a 50/50 silent auction with 50% going to the non profit and 50% going to the artist.

The art work will be shown in the gallery for the duration of the show, and if the artist provides a digital image, the work will also be shown on our website.  A win for both the Artist and the Non Profit.

I am always interested in where other artists have found inspiration, support and connections.   Who has supported and helped you?



2 thoughts on “The Business Side of Art

  1. You are so right that the business side of art is so important. I am still trying to learn more about this and sure there are probably a lot of communities out there to help out!

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