Gallery 24, part of Creative Corner Westfield, will be holding a Small Art Auction.

All pieces of art must be no larger than 6X6 inches finished size.

50 % of the Proceeds of this Auction will be benefit Westfield Art on the Green, a 501(c) non profit organization.  50% will go to the Artist.  Some of the Artists have chosen to designate a greater percentage of the profits to Westfield Art on the Green, and those will be noted on the piece of Art.

When:  The Silent Auction will run from November 28th until  December 5th 2009, as part of Dickens Days hosted by Westfield On Weekends and the Westfield Business Improvement District. 

How to participate:

Westfield Arts on the Green a 501(c) nonprofit and Gallery 24 invite you to donate to our Small Art Auction. We are accepting works of art ranging from 2×2 inches to 6×6 inches. All works must be framed and ready for hanging. Sculptural works or Pottery are also invited, but must stay in the size range. Instead of an entry free, we are asking that the artist set the initial price for the auction, and donate half that amount should the work not sell.

We will be accepting work starting November 21st, with the Silent Auction to run from November 28th

(1) the artist’s name and the name of the owner of the work of fine art;

(2) the title, if any, of the work of fine art;

(3) the medium and dimensions of the work of fine art;

(4) the date of completion of the work of fine art;

(5) the date of delivery of the work of fine art; and

(6) the anticipated fair market value of the work of fine art.

(7) Any other information about the work of fine art.


(8) the signature of the artist and today’s date