At the Ballet

Rennata M. Tropeano, Ballet Practice, Digital Image 8x10 inches ©2009 Rennata M. Tropeano, Rehersal, Photograph  8x10 inches ©2009 Rennata M. Tropeano, Pointe, Photograph 8x10 inches ©2009

Today at my daughter’s school I saw a sign that said I am an Artist. I live life out loud.  It was a poster for MICA. I loved the comment. I thought about how true it is in many ways,  When you create you put a bit of yourself up on display.  I add another dimension to that  by blogging about the process.  When I do simple mom things like attending Ballet observation night, I bring my camera like all the other proud moms.  The difference is that I take 300 shots and I move around the studio in order to get better angles, and I am just as likely to take pictures when they are not dancing as when they were.  I found myself thinking of all the Degas ballet pictures of the dancers at work, not at the performance, but the actual in the studio work.

I think that in many things there is a beauty to the work and the journey to  a final product that is important. I see so many would be artists discouraged that they are not creating masterpieces from the start.  I think for me an important part of living out loud is to share the learning process, not just my final fished pieces, but those I struggle with.  My daughters sometime are a little less excited about it, because they prefer to be the models in the pretty final performance pictures, rather than those photos that are the journey.

the dance shoes


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