Ceramic Tiles- Take 3

Tiles after protective spray

Today I decided to put a protective coat on the tiles. As I intended for them to be coasters, I decided to put it on fairly thick.  The paint I was using was a solvent based paint, the sealer was a solvent based sealer.  What I should have done was put in on in a lot of light coats. The bottom left tile got the thickest application and the top right the lightest.

There is a nice floaty blurred quality to the bottom left tile that does not pick well with my little camera. I may have to get the big one out and try to capture a few shots.  This slight blurring has made me rethink my background too. I think I shall try some leaving the white background.  I may also play around with a seasonal set. I was thinking of visions of sugarplums and  other holiday treats. Or maybe a set of swirling fall leaves.

Off to work on the word count now.


13 thoughts on “Ceramic Tiles- Take 3

    1. I suggest it. They are a lot of fun. I picked up the tiles at our local bargin hardware place for .07 each.
      I have been using paints that we have around the house. There may be a proper paint to use, but for now I am just having fun.

  1. Those top two could definitely be part of a set, maybe for early spring when we’re longing to bring the brightness of the season indoors into our homes, as well. And I love the idea of a sugarplum series for the holidays — Brilliant!

    (Oh, and by the way, I’ve had some unpleasant moments with sealant, as well. Once it even made me cry… but it’s better now. Good luck with the learning curve!)

  2. I was wondering what type of paint you were using. I purchased some Elmer’s brand acrylic paint markers but haven’t tried using them yet. Michael’s Craft carries them. Office Depot might have them too. Sometimes Office Depot has cheaper prices (rubber cement $4.99 compared to Michael’s about $8.99) anyway… Michael’s does have good coupon sales.

    I tend to use Prismacolor spray gloss final fixative, building up thin layers for my panel acrylics which I draw on with colored pencil. Keeps the pencil from smearing and eliminates the waxy bloom of the pencil.

    For your coasters the paint on type of final varnish is probably more feasible.

  3. Oh! I see, you used solvent based paints… and solvent based varnish. No wonder it blurred. Maybe wait 5 to 7 days for the paint to fully dry. Then, as you’ve discovered, build up thin coats of sealant.

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