Tiles after protective spray

Today I decided to put a protective coat on the tiles. As I intended for them to be coasters, I decided to put it on fairly thick.  The paint I was using was a solvent based paint, the sealer was a solvent based sealer.  What I should have done was put in on in a lot of light coats. The bottom left tile got the thickest application and the top right the lightest.

There is a nice floaty blurred quality to the bottom left tile that does not pick well with my little camera. I may have to get the big one out and try to capture a few shots.  This slight blurring has made me rethink my background too. I think I shall try some leaving the white background.  I may also play around with a seasonal set. I was thinking of visions of sugarplums and  other holiday treats. Or maybe a set of swirling fall leaves.

Off to work on the word count now.