Ceramic Tile Take 2I managed to get the colors a bit more vibrant on this one. My daughters both love it, but it is not what I had in my head, so I want to keep playing.

This morning I read Sandy’s Post on Time Well Spent. It got me thinking about balance in my life and business.  While I am enjoying playing with these coasters, a little voice in the back of my mind is saying “Product Developement”, while another is saying “COA research”, and yet another says “Wheee! I am playing.”  All these parts need to be kept in balance.  The research into Certificates of Authenticity(COA) is by far the least fun, and since I show paintings and prints of graphic images, not hand painted ceramic tiles,  it should be the more pressing so I can get the latest batch of prints up for sale.   I have only recently started selling limited runs, and I had a buyer ask for a COA. 

I discovered this is one of those areas that falls into a big grey zone, and I could research it for days and still not have the perfect answer, as there is not an equivalent to the ISBN for art prints.   I’d love to hear from other artists what they do for COAs.