Back to Basics

Rennata M. Tropeano, Sketch Book Page. Watercolor Pencils, 8 x 8inches. ©2009
Sketch Book Page

There is not much  today, it was another day of sketching.  Yesterday was all words without a working pictures so there is some balance there.  I did get the link to the “Official Artist” cards fixed from yesterday.

This weekend will be spent focusing on getting my word count on my NaNoWriMo attempt.  Have a great weekend of creating!

4 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Thanks for the visit over on the Mother Henna blog, Rennata…glad my silly triscuit entry made you smile.

    Have to tell you that I ADORE your proclamation cards for Artists and Creative People. I’m always amazed when I’m in the middle of making art with someone and they say, “But my kind of art isn’t fine art.” So so so agree with your official opinion — and good for you for finding the law in your state, too! I just have never understood the mindset that excludes — especially along the made up lines of such and such is art vs. such and such is not???

    We came across it in the late 90’s when we started to self-publish. Bookstore owners, book reviewers, and such — we were told we weren’t real writers, artists, publishers, and these weren’t real books. I was standing there with 10 copies of a book with full color cover in my hand — a book that is still in print a decade later, thank you very much!

    Anyway, I have a crazy faith that cooperation will always seep in and find a way when competition finally gets lost!
    Miracles and thanks for sharing all you are sharing here with us!

    1. Remember that sketching is just making marks on paper with something that leaves marks. Start with stuff in your comfort zone and work from there. This is being such a wonderful experience of inspiration.

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