On Being A Professional Artist.

I created a PDF of official Artist and Creative Person cards. I completely botched the upload this morning so I will have to add the correct the link tonight.  Yesterday I spent most of my “creative” time  on the other side of being a professional artist.  That is the “professional”, seeing to the business part of my art.   That is the part where I take care of  all my business paperwork ,  place ads, write announcements, and  pay bills.  At the end of my available time there was not much time for creating. I decided to go ahead and make some the cards to share. I can  bestow them on people who might need that acknowledgement to be able to feel that they are creative and an artist.  Enough people seconded the idea that I may even make a more serious set. I am even thinking about adding our gallery information on the back. We want to be more than just a gallery, Our goal is growing into a community art center.

Getting back to that professional bit, I discovered that there are specific laws in my state regarding the proper way to sell art.  I was thrilled to see that as per the legal definition in my state I am an artist.  I will share just this small bit of the definitions of :

Chapter 104A: Section 1. Definitions

Section 1. As used in this chapter, the following words shall, unless the context clearly requires otherwise, have the following meanings:

“Artist”, the person who creates a work of fine art or, if such person is deceased, such person’s heir, legatee, or personal representative.

“Fine art”, a painting, photograph, sculpture, functional sculpture, hologram, wearable art, drawing, fiber-based work, ceramic-based work, metal work, conceptual-based art, glass-based work, an installation, a work that is created or displayed using computer, digital devices and/or new technology such as, but not limited to, digital prints, digital photographs, CD Roms, DVDs, cyberart, a web/internet-based art work, a performance-based art work and the results of the performance such as, but not limited to, film, video, DVDs, CD Roms, a sound work, an electronic-based work, a work of graphic art, including an etching, lithograph, off set print, silk screen/screen print, or work of graphic art of like nature, a work of calligraphy, an artist’s book, or a work in mixed media including collage, assemblage or any combination of the foregoing art media.

I was surprised to see, that most of the people with whom I have consigned artwork have not complied with the law. Learning all of this means of more of the paperwork for me, but at the same time makes a
great deal of sense. A very stressful time of mine in the past could have been completely avoided if I had known my rights under the law. The lack of compliance on the part of the Show, would have told me that there was something wrong from the start. It also would have let me know that some of the other situations did not have a clue what they were doing. I would recommend doing a simple search for your area to find if there are similar laws in your state.


2 thoughts on “On Being A Professional Artist.

  1. I love the look of the artist/creative person cards. What a great idea to use them as your business cards, too. I like how they look casual and fun, inviting the receiver to feel free to be creative and proclaim it.

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