The importance of play and accident.

Yesterday we had one of  those days at work.  I have always enjoyed the water, where it meets the endless sky, sunrises and flowers.  One of my favorite things about the 3D environment of Second Life is that you can always take a quick visit to the water’s edge,  make it be sunrise, sunset or what ever time of day you prefer.  When I am trying to relax from a busy day, yet at the same time get some writing done,  talk to kids, answer phones, and otherwise live my life, I find that just leaving my laptop open with one of these ideal scenes sets the stage for a positive attitude.   I am still on the search for images for the covers of my hand tied journals and I need to  get going on my word count, so naturally I set up the laptop, popped over to one of my favorite sunrise settings and started to write.   I am just getting going when I something jerks my attention away and the thought crosses my mind, “These interruptions are going to be the death of me.” I  take a deep breath and look at my beautiful setting just in time to see someone else popping into the world above my head. This means that they were  seated on the couch I was on when they logged off.  The polite thing to do in this situation is to say, I am sorry or some such, and then move off the person’s head. Then it is polite for me to say something like, No problem, or some such. It is all very much like accidentally bumping into someone while at the store.  So I watched while they came into focus. When you first come into the world, you appear as a grey mist while the graphics card catches up and renders your appearance.

Rennata M. Tropeano, Peaceful Interlude, Digital Image 17x10 inches ©2009

Yes, in fact the grim reaper had shown up over my head.  I just had to take a screen capture, and no, he did not apologize, he just moved off.  My daughter then rounded the corner with a “That is beautiful” I pointed out the dark figure and she loved it even more, it became “Epic.”  I stopped, took some time to look at her drawings, talk about art and just enjoy the accident of this creation.  The rest of the evening was wonderful. Taking the time to relax, to play and be open to what ever might chance to come about  can lead to some “epic” art, and more importantly, an epic time.


9 thoughts on “The importance of play and accident.

  1. Rennata,
    I don’t really know anything about second life, but the image and what you made of it is striking to me. Sounds like one of the big lessons learned is to be in the moment and figure out what wants to be happening right now, instead of what we might have wanted to make happen. I don’t always stop and breathe when things don’t go my way or things get in the way, and what an important reminder. Not only did things turn around for you, they became epic! How cool is that!

  2. Yikes! Wow. I edited the Grim Reaper right out of the first look at the image. I read your words and looked back and there he was… in all his…. well, not sure how to describe it.

    Love how you took your process, shook it up and it became… art.


  3. Rennata, I’m a total Luddite, so I didn’t get any of the technology references. But… I like the juxtaposition of the Grim Reaper in your fantasy dreamworld, and I’m glad it sparked a conversation with your daughter. She sounds wonderfully intuitive, as well.

    Now, I’ll confess that when I first glimpsed the image, I thought that it was a Samurai silhouetted against a setting sun at the time of the cherries blossoming, and I thought you’d put him in there as a polar response to the pure, pristine white swan drifting on the current, totally present and at peace. (Disciplined, forced warrior energy versus relaxed, go-with-the-flow nature energy.)

    Oops! 🙂

  4. A little serendipity in action can lead to epic art! I agree with M.E. Wickham, the figure does resemble a samurai. I think my teenager who is so into samurai might agree. The swan is another interesting image. You have a lot going on here to ponder and reflect upon.

    *Edited by Rennata to correct name.

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