Something Simple.

The Bridge
The Bridge

Sunday was a day I had set aside for writing. I made a big jump on my word count, but am still behind the “goal.” I have gotten out of the habit of writing daily, so  I found that all the little distractions caught my attention. I can report a very clean and neat coat closet.  By the evening I was looking back and thinking,  am I setting myself up? What I mean by that is by letting all the distractions disrupt me, am I telling myself it is okay that I did not achieve my goal because I was distracted?   I could have taken my laptop to the studio, closed the door and pounded out the words.  My husband and kids could have cleaned the closet without my help, it was their idea in the first place.   I sat there debating as to if the words I wrote counted as creating or not.  I came to the conclusion that while yes they were, I wanted to do a visual art creation also, but rather than set my self up by jumping into a new project fairly late at night, I simply started looking around the 3D area I created for an image to put on the front of some hand bound in an Oriental style journals I am making for the Gallery.  I found one I liked, called it good,  reminding my self that only by sitting down and doing can I get anything done.  It was something simple, but it was done and I feel good about that.


7 thoughts on “Something Simple.

  1. Oh, beloved Rennata. I love how the closets call out “Clean me!” especially when we are creating creating creating… (the rest of the time, I hardly notice the clutter!)

    THE BRIDGE is beautiful.. and quite a metaphor for your exact moment, too. Choice – which way to go as you move from where you are in this moment to where you want to go in the next.

    LOVE IT!

  2. Oh my! Rennata AND Julie! You are both so right!
    It hadn’t occurred to me before this moment, but YES, so much “stuff” has been just screaming at me to get it done!
    My bedroom is almost clean, and you wouldn’t believe what a fabulous dinner I created for my family!

    I’ve gotta get my priorities in order! 😀


    1. It is something I have to be on guard against. For so many years I took care of everything and everyone one around me before I would try and see to my own need to create. Now I know that it is as important as all the rest and needed to keep myself in Balance.

  3. Just saw your comment on my little before/after closet sketch on flickr. Thanks! That’s too funny. I should’ve been writing, too, but alas, I have an organized linen closet, medicine cabinet and fridge 😉

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