Autumn Glitter

Rennata M. Tropeano, Autumn Glitter, Mixed Media Acrylic and Glitter on canvas board 5x7 inches ©2009

Autumn Glitter

Originally uploaded by Rennata

This morning I am trying out a post directly from Flickr.
I had seen several posts of artwork that included leaves and iridescent paint. Last night in the studio I hit a point where everything I was working on was drying, as I paint in layers working on multiple pieces at once. Not having any iridescent paint or leaves, ( I am not sure what I was thinking, there were several million just outside the studio door, I am in New England in the fall after all) I decided to play with paint and glitter. I am thrilled with the outcome. I had every intention of giving credit here to the artists who inspired this piece, but this morning I can not seem to find their original posts. I will keep trying to find them and add them.
I found this image on the flickr group, but not the blog link
I am so glad that I decided to participate in this AEDC challenge, there has been so much creativity and encouragement.

Speaking of challenges. I noticed yesterday that my Nanowrimo progress bar finally started working. I need to get going on that challenge, so that is it for today.


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