Something Special

For today’s creativity I took out learning Chinese Brush Painting set that I own.  It is a beautiful box set with ceramic dishes and the bamboo brushes, a ceramic brush rest.  I love it and have taken out the instructional book and paint and paper and worked through the exercises a number of time.  There is something about the style that appeals to me, and somehow the boxed set makes it all seem so special to work with.   I was thinking about it tonight as I got it out.  Why is it so special. The watercolor that came with it, is similar in quality to my regular watercolor.  I have yet  to try it on the rice paper that came with the kit, as there are only a few sheets, so that is not what makes it special. The adorable little ceramic pallet that is about 1/16th the size of my regular, the tiny water dish and the ink stone and water spoon are all really cool, as is the ceramic brush holder, but while they are unique and fun to use they are not what makes it special.  It occurred to me that what makes it special is that is was a gift from my father and my stepmother.  My father, John R. Mitchell, is an artist and has always encouraged my art. His support is the best gift of all.   Today(yesterday by the time this will be posted)  has been special from all the support I’ve been getting in comments, and most especially


I want to thank Paula of and Chewy of as they both helped to make today special.


5 thoughts on “Something Special

    1. Thank you, I find it very restful. While I learned from the gift set, there are a number of good online
      tutorials. All you need is paper, watercolor and a couple of bamboo brushes, and some black ink. You can even try the style with regular paintbrushes and a sharpie marker. Enjoy!

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