One of the nice things about taking part in a challenge is all the other artists.

I have been enjoying looking at the art posted each day by the other artists who are participating in the CEDM.

Over the last few days there have been several posts regarding the joy of sucking and how it is okay. One line by Julie Jordan Scott really hit home with me. The line was

“I make a difference by granting others permission to just show up, to be less than perfect or perfectly perfect in supposed imperfection.”

This is exactly what I try and bring to every art class I teach. When it comes to my own art, this is something that I have been forgetting.  Another artist whose post hit me on this topic was that of

Mother Henna. I have been admiring the visual journals that have been being posted, but when it comes to making a visual journal, I suck, or at least in my own mind I do.  I decided to

pull out my pens and paint and try again to make a visual journal.  My cousin has posted a definition that I choose to play with because I had heard the word used several times through the day to mean all kinds of different things. What struck me that I wanted to get across was that when you think about what you are saying, does it mean something different when you look at it from a different perspective.

Nov2009023 Fragments