Day Three and All is Well

I am well behind the word count if you go by the take the month and divide by the number of days goal.  However, this does not  worry me as I know that it will come. 

Cflowers_002  Today’s Artwork is Crystal Flowers.  I made the flowers more translucent, moved them away from the arch and choose sunset rather than moonlight.   I will crop this one a bit before printing so that the flowers are not quite so dead center.

I received a couple of questions about how did I create them. 

The flowers were made in a 3d Sculpt program.  The software lets you create what is called a sculpt map.  A sculpt map looks like this.  When you apply this sculpt map texture to a 3d building block in a 3d enviornment it morphs into the flower shapes that I have “photographing”.  In the 3D environment that I work in,  the basic shapes come up looking as if they are made of plywood.  I then choose a texture. These flowers have textures that are designed to look like cut gems, diamonds and saphires.  I tinted the one flower purple as I wanted it to appear more like an amythyst.  



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