It is that crazy time of year

Time for Nanowrimo. That crazy month when in addition to being an Artist, Mother, Wife, and working in a Law Office, I try and write 50,000 words of the first draft of a novel.

It is also the month for Art every day month. Last year I kept up with the writing, I did keep up with the creating, but not with the postings of the art.  This year I shall try and do both. It helps that I am now part of a cooperative Art Gallery and Studio Space.

Artist card1

I am working on a set of Artist Trading Cards, and related larger works. Not to mention getting ready for the holiday gift season.  There is a lot going on, and this seems like a good time to get in the habit of posting on a regular basis.


13 thoughts on “It is that crazy time of year

  1. Wow, sounds like you are excelling in yourself in various aspects. I participated in NaNoWrimo in 2007 and didn’t complete it, but I had a whale of a time just being involved. I think that creation comes from within and that when we express ourselfs we heal through our own experiences and bring clarity to our reflections of life. So creating from that angle can be a greater eye opener to who we are within the flow. (life)

    That card you have there feels homely and serene. How did you make it?

    Happy November Creative Art Day! 🙂

    I shall be also participating for the first time. I am bypassing NaNoWriMo as I don’t feel that writing a notel connects with who I am inside. However creation in other forms does!

    1. It is a Screen Shot of a collection of items that I assembled in a three dimensional environment. Some of the items such as the wisteria bush, I “built”. That is to say I created a flat texture in photoshop and then applied it to a 3D construction.
      I have found creating the 3D images like having a box of crayons that never get dull and an endless supply of paper.

  2. I look very forward to seeing what you birth this month, Renatta. You are brave to do both NAMO and AEDM… I elected only AEDM this year. Have won NANO in the past, just not up for both…

    I respect and honor you. LOL. Humbled by your devotion….

  3. Wow! That’s pretty amazing that you are going to do BOTH NaNoWriMo and Make Art Every Day month. Talk about total creative immersion. It will be so cool to see what you end up posting here!!

    1. I found last year that the one type of creativity fed the other. If I got blocked or felt stuck writing, I turned to my art
      and it helped to free up a part of my brain that suddenly knew what to do.

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