Thoughts about a painter and professional liar

Fable of the Lilies
Fable of the Lilies

A friend made the comment that if you searched google under “painter and professional liar” you would find him. (try it, you will find him as the first listing)  Earlier in the day another person suggested google images for your sl avatar’s name to see what images came up.

The combination of ideas made me wonder if it were possible to get it so that your image would come up first under a google images search. So this post was born. I am currious if and how quickly this will pop under a search for a painter and professional liar. This post was originally posted on Oct 22 about midday. By that evening I had the number two spot on a google search under painter and professional liar, just after  the only and only Fried Fish.  I still have not shown up on the google image seach, but I have notice a jump in the amount of page views based on that link.  It does make me wonder,  am I getting them from his suggestion or is there a market for painters and professional liars.


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