Pens and Quills

Welcome to the online home of  Artist, designer and writer Rennata Tropeano,  formerly known as Pens and Quills. (edited 2012)

This website covers the many areas in which I am involved.  Pens and Quills grew out of the belief that art and design are something for everyday life, not just something that fancy companies and art directors did. I felt that  it should be available to everyone, and at a reasonable price.  Art is at the heart of design, and I have spent a life time learning and gathering a wide variety and assortment of creative skills.  The classes and creative workshops come from the belief that we all have a creative gift. Many times this gift  has been pushed aside in favor of more practical pursuits or has been a bit crushed by life.   It is my goal though classes and workshops to help bring those creative gifts back to light where they can shine.

Classes and Creative Workshops
Classes range from craft to art courses. Creative workshops are designed to help participants find that creative gift or to develop skills in which you learn from practice and feedback. All classes and workshops are designed to be positive and encouraging, rather than critical.Textile Design
Custom costumes for dance, school plays, church pageants, Halloween and  any other occasion for which you might need a costume. Silk painting, weaving, needlework to name a few.Photography, Drawing and Painting
Bookbinding and Paper Arts

Graphic Design Services
including calligraphy, stationery, signs, flyers. web design and much more.

Rennata Tropeano

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